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Lockwood Spark Sessions

Welcome to Spark Sessions at Lockwood! Here you'll find everything you need to know about our permanent bracelet collection.

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Spark Sessions at Lockwood:  

Lockwood Permanent Bracelets on two hands


What is a Spark Session? 

A Spark Session at Lockwood is when we custom fit a bracelet to your wrist and seal it with a spark! Bracelet pricing starts at $50 for our simple Sterling Silver and run to $80 for our Gold Filled Paperclip Chain.

Our current chain selection:

How can I remove my Spark Session bracelet? 

Should you need to remove your clasp-free Spark Session bracelet you can use scissors on the round jump ring at any time. Removing your bracelet at this point maintains the integrity of the chain so we can seal it with a spark again in the future. 

What if I lose my bracelet? 

Spark Sessions permanent bracelets are delicate by nature, please treat them with care.

If your bracelet becomes unattached, please keep the bracelet, and we can respark for a $15 fee. Please note: we are not responsible for lost bracelets. 

What are Spark Session bracelets made from?

At this time we offer Spark Session bracelets in 14/20 Gold Filled and Sterling Silver. 

How do I care for my bracelet?

All you need to do is love it! Bracelets should last many years without tarnish or noticeable wear. 

Who can get Sparked? 

Anyone over the age of 16. 

Can I give the gift of Spark? 

Yes! We recommend giving a Lockwood Gift Card for the amount of the permanent bracelet of your choice and including our FAQ pamphlet. 

Do I need a Spark appointment? 

Yes! We're taking appointments here:

Is it dangerous? 

No! Spark Sessions are only fabulous :) 

What happens if my Spark Session bracelet falls off? 

Let’s spark again! Bring in your bracelet and your Spark card and we’ll fix you right up. We offer re-sparks for $15 for the first year after your Spark Session. 

Can I return my Spark Sessions permanent bracelet? 

No, all custom fit permanent bracelets are final sale only. If you need your bracelet adjusted or re attached, we offer this service for one year at a cost of $15 per bracelet.