Our Story

About Lockwood

Our first Lockwood location opened in Astoria, Queens circa 2013; since then, we've expanded to six brick-and-mortars across New York City. Our team thoughtfully sources unique decor, stationery, clothing, kid's gifts, and affordable lifestyle goods, focusing on local makers and up-and-coming brands. Our goal is that you immediately feel at home when you enter, that you find the perfect gift—or a little something for yourself—and that you leave Lockwood feeling inspired. We feel lucky that each neighborhood our shops are in has a strong sense of community, and we hope we've brought a little bit of that love to you, in-store and online.

Meet Mackenzi

Hi! I'm Mackenzi Farquer, the owner of Lockwood. I opened my first retail store in 2007, built with the help of friends in the middle of the night—after our day jobs—and filled with secondhand goods. In 2013, Lockwood was born. Here's the thing I love about retail: when done right, it's pure magic. While I originally studied Finance and Investment Banking, I quickly realized I needed to find a way to tie in my love for design, and retail was the perfect mix of the two. Now, I spend my days sourcing new products, doing paperwork, budgeting, and creating custom New York City items with my team. I love it all. Lockwood is my community, like Astoria—where my wife and I raise three cats and a toddler together—and community drives so much of what I do. It feels like home to me, and I hope it feels that way to you too.