Moon Soap


Each of these soaps comes embedded with a special crystal and meaning.

  • Pink Moon Soap with Rose Quartz represents unconditional love and compassion. The waxing moon is an ideal time for listening to your heart.
  • New Moon Soap with White Agate represents happiness, joy, and new beginnings. During the New Moon untold adventures and new beginnings take shape - the agate stone inspires confidence and bold action.
  • Super Moon Soap with Tiger Eye represents prosperity, mental clarity, and luck. Tiger’s Eye gem helps release fear and inspire action and the full Super Moon caused an intensification of lunar energy.
  • Blue Moon Soap with Amber represents beauty, balance, and grace. The Blue Moon is a feminine symbol that universally represents the rhythm of time and the cycle of life - each one of its phases symbolize immortality, eternity and enlightenment. 
  • Dark Moon Soap with Black Agate represents renewal, courage, and reflection. During the Dark Moon the intuitive part of the self takes over - making it the perfect time for rest and renewal.

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