DIY Bundle

Our custom Lockwood Bundles are made with thought, care, and love but sometimes you need to get a little more specific about the gift you're sending to a loved one (or to yourself!). Enter our  DIY Bundles. Need to send an engagement gift? Going to a virtual baby shower and need to send something to the parents-to-be? Love a specific candle scent from our stores and want us to build a "Cozy At Home" set around it? We can make it happen!

Once you checkout, send an email to with your order number in the subject line - tell us who the gift is for, what the occasion is, and any relevant fun facts about the recipient to help us tailor make a gift they'll love. :) You can also leave a note at checkout!

**Make sure to let us know if the recipient has any allergies!**

This is a great option for corporate orders! Purchase all of your bundles at once, then follow up with an email to with a spreadsheet of names, addresses, and notes for the recipients.

Options available

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