"Make It Your Own" Bundle

Our custom Lockwood Bundles are made with thought, care, and love but sometimes you need to get a little more specific about the gift you're sending to a loved one (or to yourself!). Enter our " Make It Your Own" Bundles. Need to send an engagement gift? Going to a virtual baby shower and need to send something to the parents-to-be? Love a specific candle scent from our stores and want us to build a "Cozy At Home" set around it? 

Use the comment box below to tell us who the gift is for, what the occasion is, and any relevant fun facts about the recipient to help us tailor make a gift they'll love. :)

**Make sure to let us know if you have any allergies!**

Each box is lovingly and uniquely made by Mackenzi and/or Christina. :)

*A note on orders placed while our physical locations are closed: no returns will be accepted until we reopen, but we will extend our return policy to within 30 days of our announced reopen date.

Options available