Whiskey River Pencils


8-pack of standard no. 2 pencils with nothing standard about them.

- PROCRASTINATORS:  I Always Work Better When It's Next Week; Mindless Doodling Pencil; I Have to Finish This Netflix Series First; I'll Sharpen This Later; Procrastinating is Also an Achievement; I'll Find a Use for This Pencil Tomorrow; Last-Second Crunch Time Pencil; I'll Study After I Clean

- DOG PEOPLE:  Woof.; Can I Bring My Dog?; Bow Wow Wow Yippy Yo Yippy Yay; Dogs, Then People; I Was Talking To The Dog, Not You; Used Up All My Sick Days at the Vet; My Dog Is Lonely I Need To Go Home; It Was The Dog, I Swear

- CAT PEOPLE:  It's Not Me, My Cat Likes Dressing Up; My Cat Hates You; Did Someone Say Free Kittens?; Send Me Cat Memes So I Know It's Real; Grumpy Cat... Never Forget!; 30 Cats Is a Nice Round Number; What's One More Cat?; Weekend Plans: Cat. Couch. Cocktail. 

- GRAMMAR POLICE:  You Lost Me At "Your Beautiful"; *You're; They're Going There to Their House, OK?; Silently Correcting Your Grammar; Punctuation Saves Lives; To Serve and Correct; Oxford Comma Til I Die; Official Grammar Police Pencil

- GRAVESTONE IDEAS:  I Told You I Was Sick; Who Dis?; I Always Liked Your Sister More; I Had To Die To Get You To Visit?; I'm Dead Blah Blah Blah; Now Will You Listen To My Podcast?; I Never Liked Game of Thrones; Terrible Food Down Here

- INTROVERTS: Sorry, I Have Ebola; My Legs Fell Off This Morning; The Damn Toilet Exploded; I've Been Abducted By Aliens; I'm Stuck at the Dubai Airport; I Accidentally Drank Some Bleach; There's a Wild Boar in the Driveway; People Scare Me

- WRITER'S BLOCK:  Add a Vampire; Regurgitated Ideas Pencil; Try Vodka; Kill Your Characters; Lightly Plagiarize; Insert Coffee IV; Potential Murder Weapon?; Hit Head Repeatedly With a Hammer

- TEACHERS:  IDK, Can You Go To The Bathroom?; I Just Realized I Don't Even Like Kids; Oh Yeah? Pop Quiz, Suckas; I Have PTSD from Grading Papers; Don't You Dare Say "Wikipedia," Thankless Tasks Pencil; Countdown To Summer Break; Dinner... Or Classroom Supplies? 

- ZERO FUCKS:  So Fucking What? (8 different colors)

- PASSIVE AGGRESSIVE: That's So Nice For You; Never Mind, It Wasn't That Important; I'm Sorry You're So Sensitive; I Prefer Pens, But This is Fine; What Grudge?; I'm Not Mad; Whatever.; "Turns Read Receipts On"

- LITTLE WHITE LIES:  I Literally Never Do This; I Only Have One Glass a Day; OMG, I LOOOOVE Working Out; No Really, You Look Amazing; I Deleted His Number; I Hate Drama; I Already Did My Homework; I Never Lie

- THE OFFICE:  Try Turning It Off and On Again; Bears. Beets. Battlestar Galactica; I Found This in the Toilet; It's Hard to Make New Coffee; I'll Probably Quit Today; Comic Sans Kills; That's What She Said; Resting Staff Meeting Face

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