Totem Candle

These new candles by Skeem might be our current favorites - each scent is heady, rich, and intoxicating.

Bonus: the lid is also a match tin and contains 80 matches. It's a full service candle.

Temple sunrise: Spicy Turmeric and dark, moody incense brightened with citrus peel.
Waxing Moon: A heady floral jasmine deepened with woodsy sandalwood and amber notes.
Midnight Cenote: Black oud and cypress wood mingled with earthy, herbal sage. 

  • 120 hour burn time
  • gold metallic glass
  • silk-screened design
  • striker on bottom of match tin
  • approximately 80 matches
  • 5˝ high x 3 ¼˝ wide
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