Paddywax Essential Oils

Essential oils are having the moment they deserve, and these new versions from Paddywax are not only beautifully packaged but also wonderfully effective. They. all. smell. amazing.These make the perfect housewarming or birthday gift!

  • LEMON: pure lemon
  • BUG OFF: blend of eucalyptus, citronella, and geranium
  • PEPPERMINT: pure peppermint
  • ENERGIZE: blend of orange, lemon, and peppermint
  • RENEW: blend of cedar, lavender, geranium, tangerine, and patchouli
  • EUCALYPTUS: pure eucalyptus
  • TEA TREE: pure tea tree
  • UNWIND: blend of copaiba, geranium, lavender, eucalyptus, and clary sage
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