Gratitude Journaling Bundle

It's been proven that expressing gratitude daily can dramatically reduce signs of stress, improve quality of sleep, and increase motivation. That's why we decided to curate a Gratitude Journaling Bundle, to encourage us all to take a moment to reflect on the things we're grateful for.
In this bundle we've included:
  • A 100-page daily gratitude journal that says, "Gratitude Every Single Day" in gold foil on the front. Each page has a space for the date and space to list three things you're grateful for, plus room underneath to do some freestyle journaling. Each journal also includes a notecard with prompts if you need help getting started on your gratitude journey!
  • One of our absolute favorite pens, the black felt tip from Le Pen, which has a super thin tip and flows beautifully across paper with just the right amount of ink deposit. It's a Lockwood bestseller for a reason!
  • A mini Fresh Coffee Soy Candle for a decaffeinated pick-me-up! This yummy candle has notes of coffee, sugar cane, mocha, and caramel. Doesn't that sound like the most luxe coffee order?!
  • And lastly, the most delicious Vanilla Latte Mug Cake Mix - put the packet in your favorite microwave safe mug, add two tablespoons of coffee, microwave for 45 seconds, and enjoy the sweet and fluffy mug cake of your dreams! Now THERE'S something to be grateful for... ;)
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