Melanated Classic Tarot Deck & Access to Melanated Classic Tarot Academy

The Melanated Classic Tarot Deck consists of 78 richly colored borderless cards and a short paper guide to their meanings. 

From Oubria:

"​All races & nationalities practice tarot for individual & community healing & education, and it is hard to heal & learn with tools that do not represent you. This deck is a solution to that problem. We did not feel it was an overstep since Pamela Colman Smith (Pixie), who drew all the original images within the traditional Rider Smith Waite, was a bi-racial woman with Jamaican roots. ​We imagine the images within this deck are the images she might have wanted to portray.​ All scenes, symbolism, & clothing are the same as the original Rider Smith Waite- but black."

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