Kobo Candle

60-hour burn time, 100% pure soy wax, 3.5"(h) x 3.25"(l) x 3.25"(w), plantable, biodegradable, seed-infused packaging.

Simply soak the box in water, plant the seeds, and watch them grow!

  • Heath Lavender: lavender essential oil
  • Crushed Mint: spearmint, peppermint, jasmine
  • Wild Tomato Vine: tomato leaf, clover
  • Sweet Sunflower: cyclamen, jasmine, melon
  • Somerset Thyme: thyme leaves, lemongrass, sage
  • Siam Poppy: red currant, poppy stems, lemon
  • Fresh Cut Grass: grass, cedar, green banana
  • Catalina Calendula: orange blossom, cut flowers, grass

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