Heart Tea Strainer Set

The inspiration for this box is our Heart Tea Strainer, as featured in the May 2020 issue of Real Simple Magazine.

We've added three 1oz loose leaf tea packets - Raspberry Green, Lavender Earl Grey, and Lemon Honeybush. You'll also find some clover honey sticks from our favorites at Bumbleberry Farms, located in the foothills of Pennsylvania's Laurel Mountain, to help sweeten your cups.

Our $75 Heart Tea Strainer Sets will also include a mug, a tea towel, plus a few fun surprises! Make it a Mother's Day gift for Mom or Grandma by adding a card and message at check out.

*A note on orders placed while our physical locations are closed: no returns will be accepted until we reopen, but we will extend our return policy to within 30 days of our announced reopen date.

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