Farmhouse 8oz Jar

These Paddywax candles are the perfect way to keep the spirit of Spring and Summer going all year long.

  • FRESH MEYER LEMON: geranium, tangerine, honeydew
  • HEIRLOOM TOMATO: lemon, garden leaves, peppercorn
  • JUNIPER MAGNOLIA: jasmine, sage, water lily
  • MINT LEAF CARDAMOM: lime, sandalwood, rose
  • ROSEMARY SEA SALT: amber, thyme, balsam
  • CACTUS FLOWER: bergamot, dewy pear, apple blossom, coconut water, cactus flower, gardenia, white peony, aloe vera
  • WILD FIG CEDAR: Bergamot, Fig, Bay Leaf, Citrus Zest, Pomelo

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