Lockwood Favs

Tarot Botanical Bath Tea Box - Lockwood Shop - Sow The Magic

Tarot Botanical Bath Tea Box

Arco Iris Earring - Lockwood Shop - Amano

Arco Iris Earring

Flashpatch Eye Gels - Lockwood Shop - Patchology

Flashpatch Eye Gels

Sun Storage Box - Lockwood Shop - DOIY

Sun Storage Box

Aura Goblet Candle (6oz) - Lockwood Shop - Paddywax

Aura Goblet Candle (6oz)

Fortune Teller Fish - Lockwood Shop - La Luna Bella

Fortune Teller Fish

Queens Wavy Repeat Tote Bag - Neutral tote with red ink -Lockwood Shop - MAYB TMRW

Queens Wavy Repeat Tote Bag

Momofuku Chili Crunch - Lockwood Shop - Momofuku

Momofuku Chili Crunch

From $21.95
Craftmix Cocktail Packet - Blood orange mai tai - hand pouring orange packet into glass- Lockwood Shop - Craftmix

Craftmix Cocktail Packet

Bum Vase - Lockwood Shop - Lisa Angel

Bum Vase

Small Paper Vase - Lockwood Shop - Fiorentina LLC

Small Paper Vase

Large Paper Vase - yellow and orange vase on green table filled with flowers with hand holding apple under - Lockwood Shop - Fiorentina LLC

Large Paper Vase

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