Charcoal Incense

These are the incense you use when you're ready to fully elevate your living space. Each scent is sumptuous, relaxing, and the perfect way to transport you somewhere wonderful. The scents linger long after each incense has been put out.

Each package contains 15 charcoal incenses and each has a 1-hour burn time.

  • Amber & Moss: sage, moss, and lavender
  • Patchouli & Sweet Grass: cream, sweetgrass, and smoke
  • Black Fig: evergreen, mission fig, and spice
  • Teakwood & Tobacco: leather, teak, and orange

Burn incense on a heatproof, non-flammable holder in a well ventilated room.

*A note on orders placed while our physical locations are closed: no returns will be accepted until we reopen, but we will extend our return policy to within 30 days of our announced reopen date.

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