Boozy Brunch Bundle

Everyday is a boozy brunch day now, right?

We'll start this bundle with our Bloody Mary Elixir and Pickle Brine, both made by Pacific Pickle Works, which makes approximately eight drinks each. We'll add our favorite pickled condiment, plus Bloody Mary finishing salt OR a Bloody Mary cocktail candle. Plus, two jute coasters and two metal straws - one for you and one for your dog.

  • You can also use the Bloody Mary Elixir as a steak sauce and marinade!
  • And the Pickle Brine can be used for picklebacks, pickletinis, or drink it straight for electrolyte and sodium replacement (hangover cure).

*A note on orders placed while our physical locations are closed: no returns will be accepted until we reopen, but we will extend our return policy to within 30 days of our announced reopen date.

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