Anecdote Candle 3.4oz

Located in Brooklyn, Anecdote Candles are hand-poured in the USA with a proprietary coconut-soy wax blend, cotton core wicks, and premium phthalate-free fragrance oils create a clean burn and powerful scent throw. 3.4oz tin, 20-25 hour burn time. 

  • Adulting: Smells like early nights and a steady paycheck./ Fig & Cashmere. 
  • Astrological Storming: Smells like full moons and mercury in retrograde./ Sandalwood & Incense. 
  • Bottomless Mimosas: Smells like good vibes and fresh gossip./ Citrus & Bergamot. 
  • Comfort Zone: Smells like the joy of missing out./ Coffee & Cedarwood.
  • Quarter-life Crisis: Smells like all panic and no disco./ Grapefruit & Mint. 
  • Succulent Garden: Smells like urban living with a touch of bohemia./ Floral & Coconut
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