Cocktail Crate Mixers


These delicious artisanal cocktail mixers are lovingly made by hand in small batches in Long Island City, Queens, not far from Lockwood, in fact! Made from primarily locally-sourced ingredients, they come in four flavors and two different sizes, and will make your cocktails truly a work of art. They mix well with a variety of spirits such as whiskey (Spiced Old Fashioned), rum (Ginger Bee), gin (Lavender Bloom), and tequila (Sriracha Margarita).

These mixers make wonderful host gifts, a nice alternative to a bottle of wine. All Cocktail Crate mixers are free of preservatives, too. Bottoms up!

Choose from the following flavors:
  • Ginger Bee: ginger, cloves, wildflower honey
  • Spiced Old Fashioned: cinnamon, fresh cut orange peel, allspice, turbinado sugar
  • Lavender Bloom: lavender, jasmine, wildflower honey
  • Sriracha Margarita: bright, fresh citrus, subtle agave, pronounced pepper spice
  • Grapefruit Daiquiri: fresh lime, grapefruit, hints of green and jasmine tea
  • Flasks are 375ml.


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    Spiced Old Fashioned 
    Sriracha Margarita 
    Grapefruit Daiquiri 
    Spicy Michelada